Remedial Massage

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is a tailored treatment based on your needs and body conditions to heal or remove your problems such as sport injury and chronic pain. In your first appointment, we will talk about your problems and goals then examine your body conditions including bones and muscles. After the assessment, our therapists will make a treatment plan for you.

How does remedial massage help me

Since remedial massage treatments and the purposes are highly customised to each individual, it is hard for us to draw an absolute conclusion. However, as the name suggests, we recommend remedial massage to you if you have problems like
  • Chronic pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Exercise-related pain
  • Any personal problems associated with your body muscle and bone
Massage therapy was found effective not only against pain but also against problems stemming from pain. Chronic pain affects your degree of happiness because it leads you to causing irritations, anxieties, depressions and stress. Studies have found massage therapy was effective for both physiological and psychological strains. They were made evident by decreased blood pressure and cortisol level [1] [2]. As soon as the physical problems were removed, they recovered their self-esteem and socialising abilities too [3]. From these evidence, we can proudly say it is meaningful to address your health problems by remedial massage because physiological remedy is tightly linked to physiological remedy. Stay healthy, stay happy ! A quick massage was also found effective for quick recovery after intensive exercises or training [4]. If you are a competitive or regular sport player, remedial massage will help your physical condition recover for your best performance.


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