What is reflexology

Reflexology is a technique applying appropriate level of pressure to the specific points found on hands, feet and ears. Those points of pressure are called reflex areas because they are believed to be linked to different body parts, glands and organs. Massages and pressures given onto the points give sense of relaxation and health benefits to the corresponding zone to life. Those health benefits includes enhancing blood and energy circulation that can alleviate anxiety, headaches, and issues around some cancers and kidney failure.

How reflexology work?

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy takes a viewpoint that the body is divided into ten vertical zones as is shown in the following diagram. Stimulation applied on reflex areas help the blood circulation of the linked parts return to the natural state. It is often the poor blood supply that is causing your health concerns. Our practitioners assess your health issues and offer treatments to address the root of your problems by optimising localised blood circulation.
As response to reflexological treatment, it was found that the secretion of a body’s natural pain-relieving chemical, Endorphin is stimulated. Pain in our body is the greatest contributor to the stresses that we feel so addressing the root pain is a most effective way to get rid of your stress.

How to get the most out of reflexology treatment?

It is known that we can expect increased efficacy of reflexological treatments if it is to be combined with aromatherapy. Not only that, treatments accompanied by peaceful music and comfortable environment were also found to contribute to enhance the quality of treatment. At Hydra-Time, you will find Soothing BGM played during treatments so that you can expect a lot out of our reflexology experts !
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