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From time to time, our life can be tough and stressful, wrapping us up with worries and anxieties that can be harmful to our health. It is when your body tells you some signs of SOS that appear as headaches, stiffness or sourness elsewhere in your body and you can find yourself in need of some assistance to remove the sources of uncomfortabilities. Our experienced professionals here are ready to alleviate aches and pains as well as stresses and anxieties.

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Acupuncture is literary to puncture with a needle. It works on pathogenic links of diseases to combat various conditions. Acupuncture is safe if it is performed appropriately by a competent therapist and our staffs at Hydra-time are qualified and of professional standards. 30 Minutes: $55 45 Minutes: $65 60 Minutes: $85 BOOK NOW
Aromatherapy is a treatment or prevention of various symptom that comes from diseases, anxiety and pain. It uses plant materials, mainly plant oils and it is combined with some therapeutic massage. It was found that aromatherapy is effective in terms of mental, spiritual and social aspects. Put simply, aromatherapy is a massage therapy whose efficacy is amplified by the use of aromatic plant extracts. 60 Minutes: $79 90 Minutes: $125 120 Minutes: $149 BOOK NOW
Cupping is a physical treatment where glass cups are used to create suction on the painful area of our skin. Sometimes acupuncture points are covered by the cups. The degree of dark red color after the treatment reflects the levels of toxic compounds that was hiding in the muscle of the targeted area. 30 Minutes: $55 BOOK NOW
Muscles are made of multiple layers of muscle tissues. Persistent pain sometimes comes from the deepest layer of our muscle systems. Deep tissue massage addresses the root of the pain and unlock the incorrect tension. 30 Minutes: $55 45 Minutes: $69 60 Minutes: $79 90 Minutes: $125 120 Minutes: $149 BOOK NOW
Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and fresher by appearance. 60 Minutes: $85 BOOK NOW
This therapy involves the use of special herb put in the bath (see our Gallery section) to un-tight and relax your body. 30 Minutes: $45 50 Minutes: $75 BOOK NOW
Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of hand massage The stones are placed on the body and the heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the hand massage can go deeper 60 Minutes: $85 90 Minutes: $130 BOOK NOW
Reflexology applies appropriate level of pressure to the specific points found on hands, feet and ears. Those points of pressure are called reflex areas because they are believed to be linked to different body parts, glands and organs. Massages and pressures given onto the points give sense of relaxation and health benefits to the corresponding zone. Those health benefits includes enhancing blood and energy circulation that can alleviate anxiety, headaches, and issues around some cancers and kidney failure 30 Minutes: $55 45 Minutes: $69 60 Minutes: $79 BOOK NOW
Remedial massage is a tailored treatment based on your needs and body conditions to heal or remove your problems such as sport injury and chronic pain. In your first appointment, we will talk about your problems and goals then examine your body conditions including bones and muscles. After the assessment, our therapists will make a treatment plan for you. 45 Minutes: $75 60 Minutes: $85 90 Minutes: $130 BOOK NOW
60 Minutes: $85 90 Minutes: $130 BOOK NOW


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