We replace workplace stress with workplace success.
Healthy business starts with healthy employees.
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Employment strategy is important. Employing healthy strategy is equally important.

Stress costs you

Employee stress is associated with employee burnout, depression, increased anxiety and decreased work performance. They will eventually cost you in the forms of absenteeism and workplace accidents.

Chair massage

It is a 20 min massage on the chair. It is a promising investment for both employees and your company because work-site massage was proved to solve stress-associated problems. Scroll down and check more ! .

Did you know......

each year

workplace stress costs Australia more than $10 billion each ear, including your company?

Check out the source Medibank

per person

Australian companies pay annual health compensation fee more than $8900 for each employee ?

Check out the source Safe Work Australia

How does on-site massage help your company?

Boost work outcome and income

Just a 20 min massage therapy will give you increased alertness that results in enhanced work performance. If you are the employer, the better outcome will cover all the invested money into the massage therapy..

Flexible, doesn't interrupt work flow.

Massage chair can set up quickly almost anywhere. Besides, the massage is brief. Just under 30min each person. The flexibility and brevity won't force stop your work flow. You can rather jump back to the flow with vital force.

Lower health cost, everybody.

If you are an employee, you'll spend less amount of money for hospital because massage is a preventive therapy. If you are an employer, you'll see a clear decrease in work compensation and heal care cost. Everybody is happy !

Better office morale, unite as one.

Now everyone is happy and friendly atmosphere is in the air. Massage fills you up with joy and optimism. We adults spend most of our day in our workplace, so why not making your office a pleasant place to be at? Good overall mood all over the office !

Researches have proven....


The effect of on-site massage is well-researched and clinically proven. Let's take a quick tour of what cooperate massage can bring to your company!

Pain relief, tension reduction and relaxation were reported to have persisted for up to a day or longer in more than 70% of the massage group participants.

Joel Katz et al (University of Tronto)

In this research, the effect of 15-min workplace massage was tested against seated rest. According to the Table 5 from the publication, nearly 50% of those who went with seated rest found it got them nowhere. This shows how a short massage can save the long day of employees. (Beneath the quote is the link to the publication)

This is a similar research to the previous one that further shows the positive effect of on-site massage. Add this to your company's wellness program. Keep your precious employees and stay them healthy.

employees who received 20-minutes of seated massage twice weekly for 8 weeks showed decreased anxiety levels, fewer sleep disturbances, and improved blood pressure and heart rate.

Hodge M et al

The results indicated a consistent and significant trend of increased activity of both T and B lymphocytes and levels of serum IgG for both subjects during the B phases compared to the A phases

Judy M et al

This research shows not only removing stress and anxiety, massage therapy can also increase immune function of employee. Both employers and employees can save great amount of health cost and you can use it for something else ! No other investment is as promising as that.

Let us help you show your employees how much you appreciate them!
Add our on-site massage to your wellness program !

Quick Fix Massage (20 minutes)

・$30 / hour / person

Regeneration Massage (60 minutes)

・$85 / hour / person

Group Discount is available

・More than 5 people →10% OFF

・More than 10 people →15% OFF

Larger discount is available accordingly.
Also, HICAP is available !