What is cupping?

Cupping is a physical treatment where glass cups are used to create suction on the painful area of our skin. Sometimes acupuncture points are covered by the cups. The degree of dark red color after the treatment reflects the levels of toxic compounds that was hiding in the muscle of the targeted area.

How does cupping help me?

Pain conditions [1]
Herpes zoster [1]
When combined with other Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, cupping is said to be more effective against facial paralysis, acne, and cervical spondylosis.[1]

How does cupping work?

The exact mechanism is still unclear today because researchers were not able to figure out how cupping works so far. Our body, by nature, is too intricate to go beyond what the science today can cover and the knowledge known about our body is the tip of ice berg. So we have to wait for the future studies with more advanced techniques but we can count of the longstanding history of cupping for its efficacy. That being said, there are a few papers that tell us how cupping work so here are the mechanisms explained from the papers.
  • The blood collected at the target area of cupping is assumed to contain toxic compounds that were trapped in our body cells so that the toxic compound no longer stay in our cells [2]
  • Affecting our nerve system to reduce the pain [2]


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2. Lauche, Romy, et al. “The effect of traditional cupping on pain and mechanical thresholds in patients with chronic nonspecific neck pain: a randomised controlled pilot study.” Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 (2011).
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