About Hydratime

Rehydrate, Regenerate, Reanimate

Regenerating therapeutic treatment tailored specifically to individual

Our Promise

At Hydra Time Massage Beauty Hydration Therapy Spa, we believe individually customised therapeutic treatments are able to keep you staying fresh and young and everybody deserves to take advantage of it. We are committed to ensuring that you are 120% satisfied by our experienced professionals with a combination of Eastern and Western treatment every time you visit us. Our treatments are not only for relaxation, flexibility ,energy boost and peak physical performance, but also for remedial treatments of your body problems. If you suffer from chronic pain or body distortion etc, we assess where you need treatments and which muscles are giving you trouble. We tailor a treatment plan to suit you the best and work together on promoting your health.

Why Hydra and what is Hydra ?

Aren’t we uncritically accepting that all the living species can not escape from aging ? True, for humans. However, there is one form of life known that is successfully escaping from growing old; hydras ! This tiny little fresh-water animal does not age or die of old age. One of the secrets behind the immortality is that they are chiefly made of stem cells that is capable of renewing themselves. With this renewability, it was reported well-fed hydras replaced all their body cells within a week. This means provided that certain constant feeding conditions, they can keep escaping from aging. Inspired by this little creature’s awe-inspiring way of life, we determined to help our customers regenerate and rejuvenate, both physiologically and psychologically. We believe that our massages and body cares including detoxing will help you throw off your stresses as if hydras slough their old cells off !. Our philosophy toward destressing made the facility a deluxe breathing space that you can breathe easy. Reanimation ! it’s a good escape for you. Feel free to take a quick tour of our facilities.
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